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We take care of the re-registration of your car, the MOT (ITV in Spain), the inscription of your driving licence and provide many other services.

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You have just arrived on Majorca?

We take care of all your interests, if you have just arrived on Majorca: Application for NIE, Residency, translations, insurances, re-registration of cars.

Registration Tax


Zulassungssteuer Since October 2010 the registration tax (impuesto de matriculación) is computed according to a new mode, which takes into account the emissions. It can amount to between 0 and 16 % of the current value of the vehicle.

You can determine the exact percentage of the registration tax, which you must pay for your vehicle: If you take a look at the new vehicle registration (car registration certificate, part I), you will find a 3-digit number, the CO2 emission, in the V7 box.

Four tax rates are defined:

up to  119 g 0.00 %  registration tax
120 to 159g     4.75 %  registration tax
160 to 199g 9.75 %  registration tax
more than 200g    16 % registration tax

Feld V7z.B.: PEUGEOT 206, 2.0 l, 100 KW.

The V7 box shows 191 g.
The car is taxed with 9,75 % of its current value.

Vehicles, which have been registered before or in 1998 and cannot prove its CO2-emission values, are subject to 12 % tax.

Vehicles, which have been registered after 1998, and are unable to show their CO2 emission values are subject to 16 % tax.

Vehicles registered as commercial motor vehicles (multipurpose vehicles, trucks) which are to be registered in the name of a business (company or freelancer) are exempt of the registration tax. The same applies to vehicles, whose owner is in possession of a Spanish disabled person card, as well as vehicles, which are defined arrow as Removal Good.

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