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We take care of the re-registration of your car, the MOT (ITV in Spain), the inscription of your driving licence and provide many other services.

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You have just arrived on Majorca?

We take care of all your interests, if you have just arrived on Majorca: Application for NIE, Residency, translations, insurances, re-registration of cars.

Services offered by MAS

  • Re-registration of automobiles (European Union and non-EU countries) and individual acceptances
  • Provisional green licence plates within 3 to 5 working days, we do not charge any supplement for speedy handling
  • Acceptance of the no-claims bonus from your previous insurer
  • Claims settlement for cars with German licence plates in Spain
  • In case of owner change for cars registered in Spain: Prior to purchase, we verify if there are any unpaid fines, taxes etc.
  • De-registration/removal from service/licence plates for export
  • Annotations in the vehicle documentation (e.g. coupler, tires, chassis, etc.)
  • Duplicate of lost or stolen vehicle documents (German or Spanish)
  • So-calle “H” licence plates for historical vehicles as of 25 years
  • ITV service, including pick-up of your vehicle (passenger car and motorcycle)
  • Negotiations with the customs authority ("Aduana") in case of impoundment of your vehicle, etc.
  • Applying for exemption from the road tax, in Spain IVTM (in case of handicapped ID, for being a classic car, etc.)
  • Inscription of the driving licence


Mallorca Autoservice
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