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We take care of the re-registration of your car, the MOT (ITV in Spain), the inscription of your driving licence and provide many other services.

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You have just arrived on Majorca?

We take care of all your interests, if you have just arrived on Majorca: Application for NIE, Residency, translations, insurances, re-registration of cars.

Registration Tax

Vehicles, which will be registered in Spain, must pay a so-called registration tax on the current value of the vehicle. Its current value is determined as per an internal list of the revenue office (IRS). This list is based on the original value of the model and does not take into account any extra equipment. Therefore the taxable value is often lower than the real value.

Transfer tax

uebertragungssteuerIn case of an owner change, a transfer tax of 4 or 8 % on the current value is due, depending on the Spanish tax schedule (caballos fiscales). This tax is not applicable if an official invoice was provided when the car was acquired from car dealer or a company. The invoice must show the VAT identification number (VAT No.) of the seller!

Road Tax

Apart from the taxes payable to the tax office, you will have to pay the local road tax, measured by the municipalities, and pay there. The municipalities have different ways of assessment. At present (January 2009) the road tax is still calculated based on capacity and fuel. The CO2- emission values are not taken into account. According to this system, an old jeep does not pay more than a new car with the same cubic capacity and fuel. An example: In Palma city an old jeep Cherokee built in 1987 with 4 l cubic capacity is charged approx. €230 per year.

Exemption from vehicle tax

Vehicles over 25 years may be exempt from road tax in (nearly) all municipalities. To this end, a special request must be presented to the municipality. We will be pleased to assist you in filling in this request and present it to your municipality.

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  • Zürich Insurances via Mallorca Auto Service

    The Zurich group Spain forms part of the globally operating Zurich Insurance Group and is one of the main insurance companies in Spain. Client focus and high-quality advice are top priority.

    logo-zuerichTake out insurance for a motor vehicle, tailored to you individual needs: The liability insurance for automobiles protects you against third-party claims. In case of damages on your own vehicle or in case of robbery, your car is covered optimally thanks to a fully comprehensive cover or a third-party insurance including robbery, fire and glass.

    For more information please see >>HERE
    or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • So, why Mallorca Auto Service?

    There are many companies offering the re-registration of cars, but none of them has so many years of experience as we have.

    For more than 14 years we have been re-registering foreign and Spanish cars, we speak Majorcan and understand the mentality well, we have established a fine network of contacts and in addition we offer the best value for money.

    We invite you to find out for yourself and look forward to receiving your inquiry.

  • DKV logo

    Medical insurances of DKV with MAS Auto Service

    Get more information on private health insurance or an advisable additional insurance by DKV insuring your health in the best way.

    For more information please see >>HERE
    or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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