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We take care of the re-registration of your car, the MOT (ITV in Spain), the inscription of your driving licence and provide many other services.

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You have just arrived on Majorca?

We take care of all your interests, if you have just arrived on Majorca: Application for NIE, Residency, translations, insurances, re-registration of cars.

Deregistration of a vehicle in your country

Since January 1, 2008 all vehicles imported to Spain from EU-countries and registered here are listed and the list is forwarded to the traffic departments and/or. Federal Traffic Authority of the countries of origin. The German consulate in Palma de Mallorca no longer de-registers vehicles and points this out on its website:

Certificate of Conformity and Homologation: ABE versus EC type-approval

Nowadays all new vehicles in the European Union come with the COC document (EEC certificate of conformity).

typenschildbThis original (on watermark paper of the manufacturer) includes the EEC type-approval (formerly known as general operating permit) as well as the vehicle-specific data registered by the manufacturer, which are transferred by the European registration authorities to the respective national registration document.

The ABE or EEC type-approval can also be recognized on the identification plate.p>

Removal goods

If you transfer your primary place of residency to Spain, there is a possibility of requesting
arrow Exemption of registration tax by declaring the vehicle removal goods. Here are the prerequisites:

  • The vehicle must have been registered at least 6 months in your name.
  • You must have been registered as resident at least 1 year in your country.
  • You must de-register as a resident in your country.

achtung  Complying with the deadlines ist equally important in this case!

New car registration

Registered vehicles of less than 6 months of age and/or less than 6,000 km mileage are considered new vehicles and automatically subject to VAT (21%, September 1st, 2012).

Modification and Tuning

Each vehicle, which is to be registered for public road, needs a general operating permit pursuant to § 20 StVZO (Road Traffic Permit Act). The EC type-approval (so to speak, a European general operating permit) replaces the ABE in case of new models of motor vehicles.

License Plates

Following numerous inquiries by friends and customers about the meaning of Spanish licence plates, here is a brief overview on the history of Spanish “matrículas”:

In the course of the past 100 years the format of the Spanish "matrícula" (=licence plate) has changed three times:

How much time do I have to re-register my car?

According to the legislator, the re-registration must be settled within 30 days, after you have registered as a resident.

Or, if you are not registered as resident, 3 months' after arriving in Spain at the latest.

achtung Important: even if you have not registered as a resident, but you are employed here and registered with the social security system, you are considered a resident by the local authorities, and the 30 days' period commences on the day you become registered with the social security system!

In practice it is usually impossible to complete the re-registration within 30 days - and the authorities know that. It is advisable to carry documents, proving that the process has been initiated in case of a control.

My car was seized, what should I do?

For quite some time the local police (Policia Local) as well as the Guardia Civil have been instructed to examine and perhaps seize foreign vehicles, if there are indications that the vehicle user is considered a resident and has exceeded the 30 days' period for re-registration.

  • Zürich Insurances via Mallorca Auto Service

    The Zurich group Spain forms part of the globally operating Zurich Insurance Group and is one of the main insurance companies in Spain. Client focus and high-quality advice are top priority.

    logo-zuerichTake out insurance for a motor vehicle, tailored to you individual needs: The liability insurance for automobiles protects you against third-party claims. In case of damages on your own vehicle or in case of robbery, your car is covered optimally thanks to a fully comprehensive cover or a third-party insurance including robbery, fire and glass.

    For more information please see >>HERE
    or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • So, why Mallorca Auto Service?

    There are many companies offering the re-registration of cars, but none of them has so many years of experience as we have.

    For more than 14 years we have been re-registering foreign and Spanish cars, we speak Majorcan and understand the mentality well, we have established a fine network of contacts and in addition we offer the best value for money.

    We invite you to find out for yourself and look forward to receiving your inquiry.

  • DKV logo

    Medical insurances of DKV with MAS Auto Service

    Get more information on private health insurance or an advisable additional insurance by DKV insuring your health in the best way.

    For more information please see >>HERE
    or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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